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Keri’s classes are the best ones I’ve been to because of her awesome energy and ability to teach to all levels at the same time.
Jennifer Goodwin- Yoga Beginner
I used your breathing techniques during my contractions and they def helped me cope! Honestly thank you soooo much for introducing me to yoga–I have to say prenatal yoga made such a HUGE difference in my pregnancy and I plan on sticking to it after I recover!
Fitmama Noor, 8-2015- Coder
Your classes were like getting a massage.
Fitmamas- Housewife
I wanted to share my labor and birth story with you (and feel free to pass it along to the other yoga ladies).
Last Monday I started having some contractions at night. They were 10 minutes apart for 40 minutes then they stopped all together. On Wednesdaymorning I was up early becAuse we took our moms group at work to the city to see the taping of “the Chew” talk show. My contractions were 7 minutes apart all
Morning but I really concentrated on my breathing and was able to just work through them and enjoyed my morning in the city. Walking and movement and breathing  really helped me through each contraction. We took the group to a diner in fair lawn (only 5 Minutes from the hospital) and contractions were then 2 minutes apart but I was still able to use the breathing I learned from you and was able to manage them. We went to the hospital and doctor checked me and I was already at 6 cm dilated!  The breathing helped me so much I was able to deliver my little girl naturally without any meds within an hour.
Brady Mae was born at 226pm on 9/2 and was 7lbs 6oz and 20 1/4″ — We are all doing really well. Thank you for all you taught me!
Fitmamas- Kelly 9-2015

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